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May 2, 2017

About Us

ARTcle Studio, is an independent animation and video games studio that was born in 2010 between two gamers. 

Lovers of videogames, manga, anime and animation, we would sacrifice a team member to work with someone like Koike Takeshi... *sorry guys*

As a hobby, we create small video games for our fun until one day we decided to do something bigger. 

Something that we could share with other people and when they played it, they could see our passion for art, animations that don't take more than 2 frames per action but up to 200 *insert maniacal laugh* 

That's how approximately two years ago, Savage ideas where born, sketches, step by step and all of a sudden we had people joining us with our same (or worst) mental unbalance. *our partner "Chavdar" wants to be a cat*

I'd like to say that the previous inside joke was that, only a joke, but anyways, we're  a bunch of weirdos but very talented weirdos. Weirdos that love animation and stories like "Princess Mononoke" or "Spirited Away" with our only wish to show everybody our creations, ideas, and desires to learn every day and apply it to our projects.

We haven't yet been able to participate in any old or big titles in the game industry, but we do have a ton of passion and the drive that it takes to do this for life. We want to create something that will be remembered in years, that when you hear a tune or an image, you can remember a happy memory.

We'll bring you a great piece of playable digital art.

©2017 Artcle Studios, All Rights Reserved

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